Corso di inglese tecnico per il turismo

Italian Language school

The school, LA BOTTEGA TOSCANA, located in the center of Florence, Italy, offers a wide choice of courses of General Italian (the language used in daily life in Italy), offering a welcoming environment where people from around the world can learn Italian, get to know one another and share experiences.

The teaching method

These are our most well-known and most complete courses: they include 4 lessons of attendance every day under the guidance of 1 instructor and progress tests every week. They represent the ideal solution for those who intend to dedicate themselves to studying Italian in an efficient way over a reasonably short or medium period of time.
The course teaches how to progress in the skills of reading, writing, comprehension and communication, with a particular emphasis placed on the development of theability to communicate, with the target of improving fluency and confidence while speaking Italian.
A well-designed entrance test ensures the formation of homogenous classes for all linguistic levels, from beginner to advanced.

The teaching method is based on communication. Students actively exercise the fundamental functions of the language (comprehension, expression,reading and writing). Particular attention, however, is given to conversation, in order to develop students’ abilities to express themselves and communicate in Italian from the very beginning of the course.
Whatever your level is, LA BOTTEGA TOSCANA will help you get acquainted with the Italian language, gain confidence when using it and teach you to communicate in a fluent way.

Certificate of attendance

At the end of the course, our Italian language school issues a certificate of attendance that indicates the type of course attended and the level completed.


20 group lessons/week, minimum 1 week (1 lesson lasts 45 minutes)
o Schedule: Monday to Friday at 09:00-12:15 or 13:00-16:15 (according to level)
o Length: from 1 to 48 weeks
o Levels: from beginner (A1) to advanced (C2)
o Class size: minimum 4, maximum 12 students – average 8/10
o Starting dates: 23/11/2015 – all levels start every Monday


All Italian language courses are given by highly qualified teachers, specialized in teaching Italian to foreigners. We work with only highly-qualifiedinstructors, experienced in putting up-to-date,direct/communicative teaching methods in practice, all in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with optimal class sizes (maximum number of students 12).


Standard 4 settimane/weeks 500 €
Standard 3 settimane/weeks 395 €
Standard 2 settimane/weeks 265 €
Standard 1 settimana/weeks 135 €

Packages course + accommodation

Packages ” course + accommodation ” in bed and breakfast in double room; triple and quadruple rooms with con private bathroom, tv sat, ac, wifi, kitchen use. Breakfast buffet, daily cleaning of the room, weekly change if the towels and beddings. All our rooms have private bathroom. See our property

alloggio dbl x 1 week (6 notti) 300 euro
alloggio dbl x 2 weeks (13 notti) 590 euro
alloggio dbl x 3 weeks (20 notti) 855 euro
alloggio dbl x 4 weeks (27 notti) 1040 euro
alloggio sgl x 1 weeks (6 notti) 345 euro
alloggio sgl x 2 weeks (13 notti) 720 euro
alloggio sgl x 3 weeks (20 notti) 1095 euro
alloggio sgl x 4 weeks (27 notti) 1445 euro
alloggio tpl x 1 week (6 notti) 285 euro
alloggio tpl x 2 weeks (13 notti) 551 euro
alloggio tpl x 3 weeks (20 notti) 655 euro
alloggio tpl x 4 weeks (27 notti) 986 euro
alloggio qpl x 1 week (6 notti) 273 euro
alloggio qpl x 2 weeks (13 notti) 525 euro
alloggio qpl x 3 weeks (20 notti) 755 euro
alloggio qpl x 4 weeks (27 notti) 905 euro
Registration fee 50 euro


14 + 12 =

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